Criminal, Family and Personal Injury Lawyer in Providence RI

There are times when your choice of lawyer in Rhode Island matters the most. Confronting family law issues, personal injury matters and being charged with a crime are just a few of those times. These types of issues can change the course of your life in incredibly negative ways for years to come if your best interests are not adequately represented.

Representation You Can Depend On When So Much Is On the Line

I am Attorney Terence Livingston. I have more than years of experience working to serve the interests of my clients. During that time, I have built a solid reputation among judges and attorneys in the Rhode Island area. I am proud of that reputation and the work that it is based on. As a lawyer in Providence, RI, I am dedicated to helping all of my clients secure the best possible resolution to whatever difficult situation they are facing.

I offer highly effective representation to those who are facing issues related to:

  • Family law — Divorce and other family-related legal issues have the capacity to create very difficult times if they are not handled properly and effectively. Having skilled guidance that understands whom you are, what you want and the future you want to build for yourself is important. I have the experience and skill as a litigator to be able to help you fight for the future you want.
  • Criminal law — Criminal charges can turn your life into a nightmare in an instant. One minute your life is completely yours to control, the next you are in jail facing a criminal justice system that is not there to help you. Knowing that your rights and future are being protected by a criminal defense attorney who has the skills to help you reclaim control over your life can provide real peace of mind. I served as a prosecutor in the Rhode Island Attorney General's office and as a result, I understand cases from both sides of the law. I will use that experience to forcefully represent your legal interests in all cases to level the playing field against the prosecution in state and federal courts.
  • Personal Injury Accident Lawsuits - Every year, thousands of Rhode Islanders visit the emergency room as a result of preventable personal injuries. From car accidents, to slip and fall accidents to workplace injury and even product defects, a personal injury occurs when an individual is wrongfully hurt, resulting in bodily injury or property damage. If you have been wrongfully injured, due to another party’s negligence or recklessness, you may have a legal right to compensation. Let us help you get the results and the justice you deserve.

Experienced Divorce, Personal Injury and Criminal Law Representation Located In Providence

When it matters most, choose a lawyer in Providence, RI who has the skill and experience to deliver the results you need. Turn to Terence Livingston, Attorney At Law. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 401-861-8121 or contact my office online.