Rhode Island Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer

As gay and lesbian marriage becomes more and more legally accepted across Rhode Island, those couples who marry under this new recognition of their rights now face the same challenges as all other married couples.

Divorce and other family law issues happen to all types of families. If you find yourself facing a difficult family law situation, you may be worried that it will be a challenge to find a Rhode Island same sex divorce lawyer who understands your experience and who can help you successfully navigate those difficult times.

While same-sex marriage in Rhode Island is a relatively new issue, same-sex divorce can be relatively straightforward under the law. Many of the same issues need to be addressed including:

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I am Attorney Terence Livingston. For more than 30 years, your Rhode Island same sex divorce lawyer. I have been honing my skills as a lawyer; helping people through truly challenging experiences. My knowledge of family law allows me to offer my clients representation that can help them secure the outcomes they need to be able to build a better tomorrow for themselves.

A key part of my approach to family law is my commitment to getting to know my clients. I believe that the best solutions are those that are intimately tailored to each client's individual circumstances. To help me craft those solutions, I need to know who my clients are and what matters most to them. I provide every client with highly individualized attention that can provide them with real peace of mind.

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If you are facing same-sex family law issues such as divorce or any other matter, turn to Terence Livingston, a Rhode Island Same Sex Divorce Lawyer. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 401-861-8121 or contact my office online.