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The depth and strength of the relationship between a child and a parent can often lead to disputes when the question of child custody and visitation needs to be determined. No parent wants to willingly sacrifice his or her time with his or her child and as a result these emotionally charged decisions are exceptionally difficult in all aspects for each party.

The question of child custody and visitation needs to be resolved in a way that serves the best interests of the child. This can start with who has been the child's main caretaker, if one person filled that role. Having an experienced Rhode Island child custody lawyer is crucial.

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Rhode Island child custody is divided into two categories:

  • Physical possession — this refers to which parent the child resides with.
  • Legal custody — this refers to the ability to make key decisions for the child regarding major issues such as education, health care and religion.
  • The courts often work to create custody arrangements so that both parents can play a significant role in the child's life.

Are you an unmarried parent involved in a custody dispute?

Many child custody and visitation proceedings are not part of a divorce; rather, they are independent legal issues that require carefully structured decisions. For parents who are not married, separation involves settling difficult questions regarding whom the child will reside with, along with establishing visitation rights as parents work to make important decisions regarding the child's upbringing. I use my extensive experience as a Rhode Island child custody lawyer to help unmarried parents secure the child custody and visitation arrangements they desire and need for the best interests of the child or children.

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I am Attorney Terence Livingston, your Rhode Island child custody lawyer. I have been working to help my clients secure the successful outcomes they seek to very complex legal situations since 1991. I understand how important child custody and visitation issues are to my clients. Everyone should have the right to continue to play a vibrant role in the life of his or her child. As a Rhode Island child custody lawyer, I use my experience and skill to advocate for my clients and to ensure that the court sees a clear and accurate picture of how their children will benefit from a child custody arrangement that preserves the relationship they have with their children.

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