Driving under the influence (Drunk driving), breathalyzer refusal charges are likely to be the most serious criminal charges many people will ever face. Many of those people will be unsure of how to respond. They may believe that because they have an otherwise good criminal record that they will be treated fairly by the legal system. They may believe that it will be more expensive to hire a DUI lawyer than to simply try and work with the prosecutor on their case.

No one in RI should ever face criminal charges without criminal defense representation that they can put their faith in to defend their rights.
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Defending Yourself Now Can Avoid Years of Consequences

A DUI/DWI or failure to submit to a breathalyzer conviction can have unforeseen costs that will impact a person for years. Insurance rate hikes that could otherwise have been avoided can easily end up costing much more than hiring a DUI lawyer would have. Further, successful legal defense against DUI or failure to submit to a breathalyzer charges, may avoid the possibility of later facing the dramatically elevated penalties for a repeat DUI offender for a subsequent conviction.

DUI, failure to submit to a breathalyzer, Defense from a Former Prosecutor

I am Attorney Terence Livingston. As a former prosecutor in the Rhode Island Attorney General's office, I have valuable insight that allows me to build strong defense cases that keep the prosecution's perspective in mind at all times. That prosecutor's perspective allows me to understand how the other side of the law is looking at your case and what I need to do to secure the best possible resolution for you. If you are in need of a RI DUI lawyer, contact me today for a free initial consultation.

Personal Attention from Beginning to End

I work to give each and every client the utmost personal attention as his or her case proceeds. I know that for many of my clients who are facing DUI or failure to submit to a breathalyzer charges, this may be their first brush with the law that is more serious than a parking ticket. In addition to building strong cases, I also work to help my clients understand the process they face and give them peace of mind.

Drunk Driving, Failure to Submit to a Breathalyzer Defense Located in Providence, and serving clients in Newport, Warwick, Narragansett

When criminal charges in federal or state court threaten to ruin your life, turn to Terence Livingston, a RI DUI Lawyer and Attorney At Law. To schedule a free initial consultation, 401-861-8121 or contact my office online.